Website Retainer Agreement

14 Oct Website Retainer Agreement

I hope this detailed guide has helped you understand why the traditional mandate selling model is broken and how this new formula can help you provide better ongoing service to your clients. You pay less for our white label WordPress support contracts than you charge five of your customers, thanks to economies of scale. This allows you to offer retention plans and optimize your revenue without depleting your resources or diverting attention from your larger development projects. Many customers will first raise objections. Often, customers ask you if you offer ongoing support without monthly retention and ask what the difference is. The answer is simple: while you can offer ongoing support with no monthly mandate fee, without resources for service, you can`t guarantee a quick and professional response to every customer concern. In many cases, your fees are paid before work even starts, which can help alleviate concerns about rent, paying employees, and putting food on the table. As with any project, you simply need to make sure that the terms of your contract are clearly defined in your initial contract. The above benefits are clear, but it`s important to realize that website retention is not a silver bullet. Preparing for the challenges you may face in implementing this business model can help ensure that you are well prepared to make it an important tool for revenue growth.

Note that there is no way for the customer to reverse engineer the price and find an hourly rate. How much does $4,000 per 10 hours of work cover? Who knows. And it really doesn`t matter. Because the customer pays $4,000 a month for a list of clear benefits that optimize, insure and train, all at a simple price. Over time, their website will become more valuable and you will make it clear to them who to thank for it. What you do in terms of turnover is a subjective decision based on a mutual agreement between you and your client. There are freelancers who have no problem spending hours in the next month as a sign of goodwill in the relationship («You paid me for X hours, so I intend to give you everything you paid»). The best retainers mix a number of the 3 things I listed above. Remember that you should always inform your client when you approach the meeting or exceed the times provided for in your agreement. .

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