Victorian Catholic Teachers Agreement

13 Oct Victorian Catholic Teachers Agreement

Contact: Peter Devery Team Leader, Pathways and Transitions, Catholic Education Melbourne. Non-governmental schools considering acquiring part of their upper secondary education programme from external providers can seek advice from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria or Independent Schools Victoria. See contact information below on the policy page. We regularly try to update our register of casual auxiliaries, including teaching, administration and audit supervision. If you are interested in occasionally working at our school, please download an application and send it by e-mail. Please complete a cover letter in which you outline the main selection criteria that you will find in the job description. Attach your CV and a completed application and send all documents by e-mail to If you need help when purchasing vocational training programmes, contact your relevant school sector. The Victoria Declaration of Commitment to Child Safety A Policy Statement on Catholic Education Our employment policy follows ceCV guidelines and is part of the Mercy tradition that reinforces our identity as a Catholic school. We are looking for collaborators who support our Catholic ethics and appreciate mutual respect and faith in a community environment. As a community, we value the strengths and individuality of our employees. We strive to help all employees develop and improve their skills through targeted and targeted professional learning, either academic or external. Please note that completing an application is not a job offer and is not an employment contract with the university.

We strive to make the experience of working at Catholic College Wodonga positive and rewarding. As a university, we are looking for people who have a passion for learning, a clear sense of responsibility towards the students in their care, and a collaborative, team-oriented approach. More information or documents that we ask you to be aware of are related below: this school community promotes the safety, well-being and inclusion of all children. Contact Pam Hargreaves Education Consultant, Pathways. Our goal is to hire and develop staff who are committed to the vision and mission of the college, demonstrate a professional and innovative approach to the teaching and learning process, and share the school`s goal of developing the whole person. If it is a re-engagement program, such as Community VCAL, public schools can purchase the entire secondary program from an external provider. This requires the approval of the DET regional representative. Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2018 Email: or tel: (03) 9825 7246 Contact: or ph (03) 7022 1896. .


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