Simplii Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

12 Abr Simplii Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

I have been with PC Finance for many years. Recently, my bank card no longer works, so I called simplii financial to report it and get a new card. I needed it right away, so I thought I might have a new one at cibc. No! They told me they had to send a new email, and that was my only option. This is not a way to do banking. I wanted to transfer to a friend`s account, but after they removed the card from the system, I couldn`t do it either. In the end, I borrow money. I`m going to a Outher bank. Forget those boys. CIBC is easily the worst bank of the big six and Simplii Financial is just another mediocre player that is not worth the «free» banking system they offer. The fact is that you pay for what you get and if something actually costs you nothing, you can`t expect much in customer service. It wasn`t until the next day that I lost a BMO debit card, so I called and cancelled, and the next day I was able to get a replacement in a store.

If I got stuck with Simplii, I would literally SOL wait up to a week for a replacement without having access to money outside of credit cards. In other words, I had a friend who wanted to open an account with these clowns, went through the audit at the Office of Canada, etc. and then a few days later gets a call from their fraud department literally suggesting that he wasn`t pretending to be who he claimed to be when it was obvious that she pulled a credit report that wasn`t hers , because none of the information he was trying to confirm matched. It was Simplii who made the mistake, but instead of admitting a mistake, they treated him rudely and demanded that he in the lines of reflection he did. Needless to say, he never heard anything after that, so what is it for customer service? The other area of meaning that will change is related to the PC loyalty points. Because PC retains control of its loyalty program, PCF customers who switch to Simplii and use their new debit cards to make pension payments directly to Simplii will no longer receive PC points. MasterCards PCF holders will continue to redeem existing PC points and accumulate new ones when using their PCF credit cards. PC cardholders continue to receive the same types of extracts (either on paper or electronically) that they currently receive. However, Simplii bank customers receive a new set of bank statements under the re-addressed unit.

What will likely disappear after the November 1 transition are CIBC ATMs, kiosks and other cibc signage visible in Loblaws stores.

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