Cove Point Letter Agreement

09 Abr Cove Point Letter Agreement

January 8, 2014 – The Maryland Court of Appeal has an oral appeal by the Sierra Club, finding that the conservation agreement does not prohibit Dominion from exporting LNG from Cove Point. After a trip of more than seven years, on March 5, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a letter to Dominion Energy (Ticker: D), which culminated with three-quarters of a 10-year proposal, meeting, approval, construction, testing and waiting. The timing is good. Cove Points official green light came a week ago during which Shell and others predict a shortage of LNG supplies within two years. April 10, 2012 – Dominion meets with Maryland Conservation Council officials for interim LNG export plans. (Several other meetings will be held in April and May between the Dominion and government and national environmental organizations on the interim plans for the Cove Point export project and the continuation of the existing conservation agreement.) «Your application is in accordance with the environmental conditions 12 of the Commission`s regulation of 29 September 2014 relating to the granting of Section 3 and Section 7 of the Authorizations (Order) in the aforementioned docket. Based on commission staff inspections and verification of commissioning activities, Dominion demonstrated that the above facilities were constructed in accordance with the Commission`s approval and current standards and that they can be expected to operate safely as intended. In addition, I note, based on inspections by the Commission`s services, that the project areas within the Virginia and Maryland institutions have been satisfactorily stabilized and are in accordance with the provisions of the decision,» the letter states. DECP is seeking this authorization on its own behalf and as an agent for other LNG-owned companies at the time of export. For more details, please see the application published on the DEE/FE website at: April 14, 2013 – FERC issues a notice of application that opens the comment period for anyone wishing to become final by participating in the project procedure or by participating in the procedure, submitting notices of support or rejection of the project. April 16, 2013 – Dominion sends project update letters to stakeholders.

«I give Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG, Lp`s (Dominion) March 2, 2018 Request to begin operating the Virginia and Maryland facilities for the Cove Point Liquefaction project,» says the ferC letter. While the Slovak network manager will offer capabilities elsewhere, Velke Kapusany, Slovak regulators have rejected two solutions presented by the Ukrainian network manager to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance failure. The Slovak URSO stated that it did not allow shippers to transfer the capacity they had reserved for Budince to Velke Kapusany for free or to virtually merge the two points during maintenance. The letter from Rich McGuire, FERC`s Director of Gas And Environment and Engineering, on Monday contained the magic words needed to bring The Cove Point Lusby, Maryland, natural gas liquefaction and export plant into the U.S. energy industry record books: «Authorization to Commence Service.» For Cove Point, Dominion Energy has fully subscribed to the project`s commercialized capacity with terminal service agreements signed at 20 years. Pacific Summit Energy, LLC, a U.S. subsidiary of Sumitomo Japanese corporation, and GAIL Global (U.S.) LNG LLC, a U.S. subsidiary of GAIL (India) Ltd.), each committed half of the marketed capacity. DOE/FE will review the notification of DECP in accordance with control amendment procedures for natural gas import or export (CIC) applications and authorizations. [1] In accordance with CIC procedures, this notice relates to DECP`s approvals for the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to non-FTA countries that are covered by the DOE/FE-Command.

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