Carnival Equalization Agreement

13 Sep Carnival Equalization Agreement

Today`s agreement is the first time the Department of Justice has required a cruise ship to provide a minimum number of accessible cabins, investigate its vessels, and develop a rehabilitation plan to comply with the ADA. It is also the first time that an agreement under the ADA identifies three types of accessible cabins on cruise ships – fully accessible cabins, fully accessible cabins – one-sided approach and accessible ambulatory cabins – that will be available to people with disabilities. Second, since the formula does not count all resource revenues, there are situations where an equalization province that could «too much» benefit from the program. This year and at this stage of the formula, Ontario is not an equalization province that makes things easier: if a province that receives equalization was better off than Ontario, then the surplus will be recovered. This is called the Fiscal Capacity Cap (FCC). 9. ADVERTISING. The Customer agrees that the Company has the explicit right: (a) to promote, market and/or promote the Company`s equipment or services at any event or venue; (b) advertising, sale, rental and/or advertising by companies related to any event or location where the equipment is located; (c) advertising for the use of business cards and/or promotional material. By indicating signs, banners, stickers, logos and/or using slogans. Through the use of computer advertisements and sales, sales or office stands, advertising or information stands and offices or any other verbal or non-verbal communication. Or, in another way, the company wants to promote the company`s equipment, the company`s services and/or the company. The customer understands that he has the right to demand that the company does not advertise in any way, but that it must do so by acquiring in its own way a separate agreement signed by the company and undertakes not to advertise. The invitation to stop advertising on the day of the event is not taken into account by the company and the customer agrees to pay a fine of fifty (50) dollars if the company is forced to stop or remove advertisements….

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