Annex To Eea Agreement

08 Abr Annex To Eea Agreement

The parties agreed to negotiate separate agreements on mutual recognition and protection of spirits, in light of existing bilateral agreements, before 1 July 1993. I would be grateful if you could confirm your agreement on this interim agreement. the possibility of maintaining bilateral social security agreements after the expiry of transitional periods for the free movement of persons can be the subject of bilateral discussion between Switzerland and the Interested States; – the bilateral fisheries agreements between the European Economic Community and Sweden, the European Economic Community and Norway as well as the European Economic Community and Iceland state that, in cases within the Commission`s jurisdiction, the application of the EEA competition rules is based on the Community`s existing powers, supplemented by the provisions of the agreement. In cases under the jurisdiction of the EFTA Supervisory Authority, the implementation of the EEA`s competition rules is based on the agreement reached in support of that authority and on the provisions of the EEA agreement. – any agreement or category of agreements between companies, 4. Where, notwithstanding the application of the previous paragraph, it is not possible to reach agreement on an amendment to an annex to this agreement, the EEA Joint Committee examines any other possibility of maintaining the proper functioning of this agreement and takes all necessary decisions to that effect, including the possibility of taking note of the equivalence of the legislation. This decision is taken no later than six months from the date of referral to the EEA Joint Committee or, if that date is later, the date of the relevant EU legislation. Protocol 35 does not limit the effects of existing internal rules, which provide for the direct effect and primacy of international conventions.

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