Agreement Between Depository And Issuer

08 Abr Agreement Between Depository And Issuer

«4. Notwithstanding the information contained in subsection 1, when securities are traded during a filing period, the Company is required to immediately surrender the terms of the allocation of securities after being sub-processed.» 2. Any economic beneficiary must give the custodian such a pawning service and the custodian must, therefore, contribute to his records. (b) the dematerialization of securities in current custodians and the possibility for an investor to choose between holding securities, as is currently the case, or keeping the securities in a dematerialized custodian; 3. The Committee does not issue a subsection certificate (1), unless it is satisfied that the custodian has adequate systems and safeguards in place to prevent any manipulation of registrations and transactions: 4. Agreement between custodian and participant.-1. A custodian enters into an agreement with one or more participants as an auxiliary of the execution. (f) how securities are processed or withdrawn by a custodian; «c) to hold interests on behalf of a custodian when these investments take the form of securities held by the company as an economic beneficiary.» The 2018 DP Regulations are successively the original regulations with respect to w.r.t. compliance. Emit and Registrar and Share Transfer Agent.

SEBI generally follows a practice of revoking any circular that sets or amends the provision of previous regulations, which are replaced by new regulations. However, the circulars, directives and regulations established under the original regulations remain in force in this case and are considered a reference to the relevant provisions of regulation DP 2018. (2) Any director, director, partner, secretary, official or employee of the custodian or issuer or actual participant or recipient must, upon request, contact the person making the request or inspection, any information or recording and any other documents in his custody that affect the purpose of this investigation or inspection. «9A. The terms of the notice regarding the underwriting of securities to be processed in a custodian. 3. At the request of a custodian, company, participant or investor or the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the commission of the companies may, within two months from the date of the transfer of shares or bonds held by a custodian or from the date on which the transfer or transfer was delivered to the company , as may be the case, following a request, as it considers appropriate, from any company or custody to correct records or records, if the transfer of shares or bonds is contrary to any of the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 1992 (15 of 1992) or to the rules adopted there or to the Industrial Sick Companies (Special Provisions) Act. , 1985 (1 of 1986) .c) the transfer of registered ownership of shares of a person to a custodian or custodian an economic beneficiary is not subject to trademark tax; 17. Rights and obligations of custodians, etc. -1.

Subject to the provisions of this Act, the rights and obligations of custodians, participants and issuers whose securities are processed by a custodian are defined by the regulations.

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